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Menu of ServicesAcupuncture – A standard follow-up Acupuncture session typically lasts 60-70 minutes. Acupuncture opens up energy flow and blood circulation though the channels of the body, promoting health and healing.   Each treatment, we use acupuncture needles to pinpoint the area of concern for each individual.

Acupuncture New Patient Intake – An initial session lasts 90-120 minutes. Time is spent discussing the individual’s unique health problems. A Chinese medicine diagnosis is given, and patient and practitioner explore a treatment plan to correct the problems. This initial session also consists of an acupuncture treatment to open up energy flow and blood circulation through the channels of the body.  Chinese herbs may be prescribed at the initial evaluation as well, if the client wishes to bolster their treatment regimen.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (FRA) – is an effective treatment style that combats the signs of aging through the natural stimulation of collagen, peptides, and blood flow through the use of specifically placed acupuncture needles.  The follow-up sessions will last either an hour (60 min) or an hour and a half (90 min) per the recommendation of the acupuncturist, depending upon what the problem areas are.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult – a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis is obtained from a thorough intake and diagnosis.  A formula is prescribed by our licensed professional Chinese herbalist.

Cupping – a service provided to mobilize restricted muscles, reduce pain, and increase range of motion.  This traditional Chinese medicine therapy has been used for centuries to break up stagnant tissue in the body and thus promote healing of tired, restricted muscles.

Acupuncture + Essential Oils Protocol – we use a specific protocol of Essential Oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils, applied to address a particular health concern.  Clients can choose from the following Protocols: Energizing, Digestive Support, Calming, Immune Support, or Cardio-Supportive.  Following the application of Essential Oils along the spine, the individual is given a period of time to rest and let the Essential Oils soak into their body for maximum benefit.  Following the rest period, a full session of acupuncture follows (see above for description).

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