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“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Douglas Weinstein for over 2 years, and I have never felt better.  When people ask me what I go to acupuncture for, the only answer I can give them is: “General Wellness.”  Let me explain: I started treatment hoping to find relief from an ongoing sickness, but in my time with Douglas we have addressed migraine headaches, chronic knee pain, sleep problems, digestive issues, and broken hearts.   I look forward to every session with Douglas.  I know that I will find relief with the points, and I am so appreciative that Douglas is so easy to talk to.  He instills a feeling of calm and safety in his office.  Acupuncture sessions have become a much needed escape from the crazy lives we all lead.”

Robin T.

“I have been under the care of Douglas Weinstein for almost 3 years.  I began treatment open, yet anxious, and a little skeptical about where it would lead.  I’m a former nurse and have always looked to Western medicine as the single model for state of-the art clinical care.  I had been suffering from migraines and general anxiety for many years and had been back and forth with physicians seeking symptomatic relief.  Surprisingly, it was my primary care doctor at Johns Hopkins who referred me for acupuncture treatment.

With acupuncture, my migraines significantly lessened, yet what happened to me on other levels was even more dramatic.  Acupuncture opened me to the mystery of healing, and Douglas has served as a wonderful listener, teacher, and skilled practitioner of this ancient healing art.  Acupuncture is now increasingly recognized within mainstream medicine as a valuable complementary practice.  Douglas has the gift of healing and has served as a wonderful guide in sharing his gift with me.”

Sharon M.

“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Douglas Weinstein for about one year.  During that time he has been exceedingly attentive, professional, and interested in my well-being.  I still don’t completely understand how or why acupuncture works, but I have found that sessions with Douglas are the most relaxing and stress-relieving part of my week.   I look forward to each appointment knowing that the stress that builds up all week will quickly disappear and I will rest well in the calm of Douglas’ voice and treatment.  If you are looking for an acupuncturist, I heartily recommend Douglas Weinstein.”

Susan S.

“I have known Douglas Weinstein for several years, as my acupuncturist.  He has shown a gentle understanding of my case and always treats me with the utmost care when talking with me.  Douglas always takes the time to listen to my particular concerns of the day.  His depth of care and treatment never fail to help me in my daily life.  When administering the points of acupuncture, he always displays great care and sensitivity.  I find the actual treatment of acupuncture soothing and therapeutic.  Douglas Weinstein is a supremely competent and sensitive acupuncturist, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs such therapy, especially in the areas of depression and anxiety.  Kudos to his fine treatment!”

Sam M.

“When I came to see Douglas, I was near the end of my rope.  For nearly two years, Western medicine had given me nearly every test known to man, and they still did not know why I was losing so much weight.  I had lost nearly 50 pounds in four months.  I was quickly deteriorating and acupuncture was my last hope.  In my search for an acupuncturist I was looking for someone with quality (and approved) educational qualifications who didn’t mind their patient continuing their care with western medicine.  After an extensive search, I decided on Douglas Weinstein.  My first appointment felt refreshing indeed.  Not only was Douglas considerate of my concerns, he talked his way through each step of the process explaining what he was doing.  Douglas is never in a rush to see me exit the treatment room.  How many western physicians provide these services?  One additional benefit I especially appreciate is Douglas’ willingness to keep in contact with me via email.  Because he is concerned with providing holistic health to his patients he appreciates open communication with them.  This is indeed a bonus.  I was certain I found the right acupuncturist for my medical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Within two months I had gained 20 of the 50 pounds that I lost. After four months, I had returned to my ideal body weight.   My face is no longer “ashen” colored and no longer do I look like a skeleton.  A side benefit from my treatment, which I never expected, was an end to my “road-rage” on the highway.  I never realized that acupuncture could deal with emotional issues like stress and temperament.  To be honest, I would say that Douglas has created a brand new “Me.”  When Douglas asks the patient questions it is best to be honest because your answers are important for treatments.  Emotional issues are critical to the healing of the body. For me, acupuncture treatments are a vacation compared to a visit with Western physicians.  I do meditation at home and my state of relaxation during acupuncture treatment far surpasses that of meditation.  More than once I have asked Douglas if I could go home with the needles still in me (joking).  The needles are barely felt as they are being inserted.  There are times, however, when he locates “stagnant” energy that I feel a mild sensation, but it slowly dissipates.  I appreciate having the opportunity to actually feel the effect of healing taking place.

Does acupuncture work?  All I know is that had I not found Douglas I would most likely not be around today to write this well-deserved review.  It is important for the patient to remember that acupuncture is not like taking prescription medication.  It takes time to undo a lifetime of damage to one’s body.  Acupuncture provides the opportunity for the body to heal itself.  Douglas’ goal is to get the patient’s body to function as it was designed by letting the body heal and maintain itself.  By the way, if Chinese herbs are prescribed you will discover another wonderful benefit of Chinese medicine. At first they were hard to drink, but it wasn’t long until I was looking forward to my daily doses.

Douglas has decided to incorporate a procedure called NAET which deals with the elimination of allergies/sensitivities of various things in our lives.  The synergistic effect of acupuncture and NAET will immensely benefit the health of the patient and their recovery.  I would highly recommend Douglas Weinstein for acupuncture treatment of whatever may ail you, whether it be physical or emotional.  Just be patient and you will notice changes occurring in your body.  Give Douglas a try and see for yourself!” 

Stephen H.