Wait… There’s a cure for the common cold?   Yeah…  we’ve got it.
Image taken from National Geographic article How ancient remedies are changing modern medicine  Click Here  to read.

Wait… There’s a cure for the common cold?   Yeah…  we’ve got it.

Summary Points:

  • Acupuncturists can treat ailments like the common cold with ease.
  • Acupuncture and/or Herbal Treatment can decrease the severity and duration of your cold.
  • Western sciences has shown that acupuncture is effective at fighting the common cold.
  • There exists many different types of natural herbal remedies that can help and can be prescribed be a skilled acupuncturist-herbalist. Many of these herbs can also help with sinus and allergy issues too
  • The common cold has always affected mankind, and acupuncture has had remedies and treatments for colds for as long as colds have existed (so, for almost all of recorded history).
  • We have a new Cold Comfort discount available for those who may be sick and ailing! So, if you’re feeling sick, come and see us and it will be our pleasure to help you LIVE WELL and recover from your cold!


For centuries human kind has sought after the cure or treatments for the common cold, and as anyone who has experienced a cold or a flu can attest to it is a pretty miserable experience. As a result of this, sometime before the year 220 AD, a man by the name of Zhang Zhongjing compiled a text called the Shanghan Lun, which loosely translates to “Treatise on Cold Injury.” This text is one of the oldest complete clinical textbooks in the world and one that is still studied by acupuncture students today. The Shanghan Luncovers both acupuncture and herbal formulas that help with what acupuncture calls a Wind Cold invasion, which can be seen as a cold or a flu (with some overlap into nasal allergies as well). All through the centuries since this text was formed other techniques and formulations have been added to the arsenal acupuncture uses to treat colds and flus. These all too common ailments are often the area most don’t talk about or realize that acupuncture can treat, but colds and flus symptoms are conditions that are in the basic foundation of any acupuncturist’s training.

A traditional formula from the Shanghan Lun for colds that often result of you wearing your system down is Gui Zhi Tang.  A more modern formula for colds and flus, that has shown some scientific evidence as being good at treating fevers (Click Here to read this study) and sore throats, is Yin Qiao San.

Whether it is the common cold or flu, or even an allergy-related issue, Live Well Medicine would like to help by offering a more balanced and natural solution for those ailing with these conditions. Come to our clinic for an acupuncture session or herbal consult and find what remedies may help you to feel better sooner.  If you are seen for acupuncture session or herbal consult, you qualify for a $10 “Cold Comfort discount” when you are prescribed and buy any 2 of the following cold or flu items below – available at Live Well Medicine.  (This is a one-time introductory offer for each patient).

Yin Qiao (Herbal formula)

Gui Zhi Tang (Herbal formula)

Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa Syrup (sore throat syrup)

Dr. Bob’s Medicated oil (topical to clear the lungs)

Breathe Essential oil blend (to open airways)

On Guard Essential oil blend (to kills germs and increase immunity)

Bi Yan Pian (Herbal formula for sinuses)

Bi Min Gan Wan/Pe Min Kan Wan (Herbal formula for sinuses)

Breathe Vapor Stick (essential oil alternative to Vicks Vapo rub)



Image taken from National Geographic article How ancient remedies are changing modern medicine








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