Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Holistic Nutrition Coaching is a modality that supports and educates you on body systems and how making uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications will shift the terrain and help you to meet your wellness goals.  This form of nutrition can address a broad range of symptoms.

Liv Gorg is a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor through the Functional Nutrition Alliance and will graduate with her Master’s Degree in Functional Medicine in the Summer of 2023. Functional Nutrition and Functional Medicine address individual needs through the scope of Full Body Systems analysis.  This approach is also referred to as Root Cause Medicine. This approach determines the specific nature of your symptoms to address them through nutrition, lifestyle modifications, supplements and many other ways that you and your coach will explore. This approach differs from the protocols of modern medicine, which often aims to treat symptoms by masking them with prescription medications.  Similarly, nutritionists and dietitians often use general protocol diet recommendations to address specific diagnosis. Holistic Nutrition Coaching explores your personal history, lifestyle and symptoms rather than treating isolated symptoms or a diagnosis. We offer a no cost, no obligation virtual consultation to discuss how Holistic Nutrition Coaching can benefit you.

Who is a good candidate for nutrition coaching?
  • Anyone who struggles to know what to eat to be healthier
  • Anyone who struggled with long term health problems and not found answers with the usual recommendations
  • Anyone who suffers from low energy, fatigue, or weight gain
  • Anyone who considers themselves to be generally healthy, but feels there are things they could be doing to improve their diet
  • Anyone open to receiving coaching, recommendations, and new ideas about how to improve health & wellness
What are the benefits of Holistic Nutrition Coaching?
  • Modern, science-based nutrition education with traditional roots
  • Innovative information
  • Supportive Coaching
  • Science based approach to dietary recommendations
  • Individual nutrition plans
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement

Holistic Nutrition Coaching Consultation – 15 minutes – FREE!

Schedule a free 15-minute video consultation and discover how holistic nutrition coaching can help you reach your wellness goals. During this session, you will meet your coach and have an opportunity to ask questions prior to beginning coaching. Your coach will discuss what is needed from you prior to your first visit to ensure a successful evaluation and thorough understanding of your concerns. If you decide Holistic Nutrition Coaching is a good for you, your coach will schedule your initial 60-minute appointment and email the intake form questionnaire.

New Patient – Holistic Nutrition Coaching – Intake Session – 60 minutes

 Together, you and your nutrition coach will work as a team to identify your major health concerns, define goals, and outline a realistic, personal strategy for implementing nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Your intake assessment questionnaire is useful as a springboard; Please complete it thoroughly prior to your appointment. In addition, come prepared to discuss methods and techniques you have tried in the past, successes, milestones, plateaus, barriers and current nutrition management habits. Your coach will personalize your wellness plan, including the frequency of future visits, based on your unique needs and availability, with flexibility to adjust the frequency upon satisfactory improvement of symptoms.

Holistic Nutrition Coaching Session – 30 minutes

Each session, you and your coach will dive a bit deeper into your wellness journey. Expect to discuss and address challenges as well as successes from your current adjustments and make modifications to your individual wellness plan. Your coach will provide encouragement, education, tools and support on your journey to wellness while holding you accountable for reaching your goals and celebrating your milestones along the way. Periodically, you and you coach will reassess your symptoms to determine the effectiveness of changes and modifications to nutrition and lifestyle.